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Certified Pain Management Clinic, Department of Health, State of Tennessee. (No. 0000262). At Momentum Medical + Wellness we strongly endorse and strictly adhere to all regulatory standards set forth by the State of Tennessee.


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Here we grow again!

Momentum welcomes several new additions to our professional staff 
  • Ani Isen, PT/DPT 
  • Beth York, FNP (Feb 03, 2014)
  • Lytia Hunt, PTA 
  • Sarah Statsenko, PTA
  • Shonda Amons, Rehab. Tech.

Pain Management - Momentum Medical + Wellness

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What is Health (Rehabilitation) Restoration? 
The physical and mental reformation process of empowering a chronic pain patient through a recovery-focused system based on education, counseling, and therapy coupled with traditional medical methods. Medications are not a focal treatment, but are used as a short-term overlay to a greater recovery-focused health-rehabilitation plan.  We are not a pain clinic and we strive to accomplish more than just manage pain. We view pain management as ONLY one component of a whole-person health rehabilitation + reformation process.

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Who Do We Treat?
Our pain management doctors and nurse practitioners treat chronic pain; mostly back, neck, spine and neuropathic.  Our pain management doctors  do not seek to ONLY "manage" pain.  Our pain doctors seek to cure the underlying condition causing the pain and empower the patient to improve their overall health.  When the underlying condition can not be cured, our focus becomes educating the patient to control pain through health improvement methods. 
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Where is Momentum Medical and Wellness Located?
Nashville's only whole-person pain management clinic is located in mid-town Nashville, Tennessee in the heart of the medical district.


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